The Maker's Uniform - Rathmullan House


It has been our pleasure to create aprons for the ever so welcoming and wonderful team at Rathmullan House. A place we think very fondly off and once you have visited for yourself we can guarantee you will fall in love with it to.

With it’s own walled garden growing seasonal fruits, herbs and vegetables throughout the year. The chefs at The Cook and Gardener have their pick at a mass variety of organic ingredients literally metres away from the kitchens. The breakfast and daytime eating is a very casual affair, the kind of brunch where you read the papers and take your time to savour and enjoy both the food and the ambience of the house. The Cook and Gardener's tented ceiling bedecked with tiny fairy lights lends an intimate atmosphere in the evenings. Along with walled garden produce, lots of fresh fish and shellfish make a daily appearance on the menu. Meat eaters will enjoy game in season, local Irish beef, lamb and pork. The last time we were there we had the steak and Kinnegar pie – that was pretty epic! Desserts are always a must in our book, especially here. They are all baked in-house and truly are a treat.

The Tap Room and beer garden is in the cellar to the side of the house. Here you will enjoy incredible sour dough stone baked pizzas from Scarpello and Co, washed down with local craft beers from Kinnegar brewery – the perfect combination. The Tap Room serves an abundance of craft beers and ales along with an impressive whiskey collection for later on in the evenings. Enjoy!





Drift is a beautifully presented magazine about coffee, the people who drink it and the cities they inhabit. As coffee lovers and avid travellers we are big fans!

Each issue immerses itself in the coffee culture of a different city – the first issue focuses on New York and the second issue explores what Tokyo has to offer. We recently purchased the Tokyo issue and have to say the photography is simply stunning.

It is well worth a look if you can get your hands on a copy.

We can't wait for issue 3!