Revealing The Art Of Tea




001. Teapot 'Ball'
002. Teapot 'Duck'
003. Teapot 'Ball'






French born, Paris based Laurence Brabant is a poet in glass. A magician that disguises complex architecture behind elegant simplicity and who elevates the every day into something beautiful.

Her teapots are no different. Blurring the lines between content and container, solid and liquid, Laurence transforms an act of utility into something really quite special.

And that's something you need when you drink quite as much tea as we do!

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Millican on Skye


The team from Millican sent two of their folks to the wondrous Isle Of Skye to field test their spring range amongst the infamously wild landscape. 

The resulting short video is a timely reminder that life happens outside. It happens on the move. It happens when we're free. 

"Our world needs adventurous ideas."

We don't reckon too many of those happen in front of a laptop.

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Mjolk Magazine


Reflective of the stylised blend of Scandinavian and Japanese art and artisans stocked in their Toronto based gallery, the third edition of Mjolk’s print publication is both visually enthralling and devilishly in depth. A true treat for the eyes, we’re pretty taken with the tones of the photography and the commitment to their subject; which, this issue, includes an exploration into the world of the Japanese Tea Ceremony. 

Definitely worth nabbing yourself a copy.

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