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400 g cherry tomatoes
Sea salt and freshly ground black pepper
Olive oil
2 unwaxed limes
1 head of green or purple kale - about 200 g
(stalks removed, leaves roughly torn into bite-size pieces)
Handful of unsweetened desiccated coconut
1 tbsp soy sauce or tamari

For the dressing:
Thumb-size piece of fresh ginger, peeled and finely chopped
1 tablespoon white miso paste
1 tablespoon tahini
1 tablespoon honey or agave syrup
1 tablespoon coconut or olive oil
1 red chilli, finely chopped


Oatmeal Tea Towel

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Growing and cooking organic, delicious food is a huge passion of mine. We grow our own kale and each summer our 94 year old Grandad (Terry) grows enough tomatoes to feed our entire family so this is a recipe where the key ingredients are literally at hand and that makes me incredibly happy. The dressing in this Anna Jones recipe combines all of my favourite flavours - it’s sweet and salty yet packs a fresh punch.


Apron on

Heat the oven to 220C (200C fan)/.

Halve the tomatoes and place them on a baking tray with some salt and pepper, a good drizzle of olive oil, the zest of both limes, and the juice of one. Roast for 20 minutes until blistered and golden.

Next, pile the kale on to a baking tray with the coconut. Pour over the soy sauce and toss well until everything is coated. Roast in the oven with the tomatoes for the last 5 to 10 minutes of their cooking time, until crisp. 

Meanwhile, mix all the dressing ingredients together in a bowl with the juice of the second lime. Taste and add a little more seasoning or lime juice if needed, letting your taste buds guide you—remember the dressing will be less punchy once it hits the salad. Pull the kale and tomatoes out of the oven and transfer to a big bowl. Toss with the miso dressing, adding a little at a time and tasting as you go, and serve still warm.


Sarah x

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