Fergal Smith


Fergal Smith grew up on an organic vegetable farm in County Clare, Western Ireland; his whole way of life connected to the earth in a profound way. His family may not have had a lot of money, but with their father always just on the other side of the back door and their plates always filled with fresh food, Fergal considers his childhood to be rich. 

So when he left home to travel the world as a professional surfer, it was with more than his feet on the ground. The simplicities of life - and the beauty within them - were engrained in him in a way many his age were missing. 

In a generation that has an unquenchable appetite for more, Fergal has scaled his life back to the bare essentials. Haunted by the effect flights had on the environment, he stopped travelling - giving up an illustrious surfing career. Instead, he returned home, found some land and started building his own organic veg farm. Not just for himself, but as a place the community could come and learn how to grow their own food.

'Desillusion' editor, Pierre David, spent four days with Fergal, making this film in an effort to dig deeper into what it means to live a truly sustainable and happy life.

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Fergal Smith