good and proper tea x enrich & endure

Good and Proper Tea are on a crusade to bring quality Tea to the people of Britain by educating tea drinkers to drink damn good, sustainably sourced, bursting with flavour tea. We are proud to play a small part in this tea revolution.

 We wanted to make this tea team an apron that was in keeping with their impeccably sleek yet modest brand. The aprons had to compliment the modern design of the unit and suit the friendly atmosphere within it. 

We wanted to encompass the parquet wood panelling on the walls so we sourced an oatmeal/white herringbone linen for the neck straps. We took lines from the tea bar and bench to design the pockets and subtly introduced the muted tones of the space with contrasting bartacks, neck straps and embroidery. 

This project was the true definition of collaboration. We prototyped many different pocket designs and tested every shade of grey possible and played with different embroidered logos until we got it absolutely perfect. It was incredibly inspiring to work with a company who put this much care and consideration into every inch of what they do. Thankyou to Emilie and your team for being awesome!


275g/m2 Irish Linen
Dark grey main body, oatmeal herringbone neck straps
Secret oatmeal herringbone phone pocket
Embroidered logo
Oatmeal bartacks on pockets for spoons and pens
Can be worn full length or folded at the waist.