Established X Enrich & Endure

Cocooned within the design brain child of the brilliant Terry Design – with a minimalist blend of raw materials and crisp, clean white walls – it is clear that Established Coffee, located slap bang in the buzzing centre of Cathedral Square, Belfast, are focussed entirely one thing: quality.

To owners Mark Ashbridge and Bridget Barbour, coffee is not just a passion … it’s a science. From the quality of the bean to the ambiance in which you enjoy it, from the music that’s playing to the lunch you grab with your drink, this awesome twosome have every little detail nailed. 

Our collaborative aprons are a celebration of that craft and a dedication to exceptional quality that we both share. They're now on display, worn by the talented Established team as they go about producing their world class coffee, food and service. It’s their new maker's uniform and we’re thrilled to have made it for such a dynamically driven and passionate company.

The Spec

385g/m2 Irish Linen
Mustard accents
Breast loop for barista spoon
Waist loop for tea towel
Can be worn full length or folded at the waist