Discounts apply to all volume orders!

We also offer an embroidery service for our Shop aprons. (Orders over 10)

Custom orders

Each custom apron project we undertake is completely unique. Right from the initial consultation, to the design and manufacturing process, through to the final maker’s uniform; our process is one of collaboration. This process allows us to develop a relationship with each client and get a real feel for what they want to achieve from their uniform. 

If you want a particular colour? We can do that. Want a certain fabric? We can find it. Need extra pockets? Longer straps? A bigger logo? Yup, it can all be taken care of.

So whether you’re front of house or back of house, dirty handed or pristinely presented, our aprons have you covered.

Drop us a line if we’ve piqued your interest and let’s have a chat about your project.

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