a brief history

We founded Enrich & Endure with the vision of reviving our local linen industry. Our goal was to create innovative products with soul that are built to last. We initially set out as a home wares company and our range sold globally. All the while, we were aware of the versatility of linen and we were keen to explore other uses for this unique, natural material.

Being obsessed with quality food and good coffee, naturally the idea of creating an apron just kept creeping up. We initially collaborated with one of our favourite coffee shops to design the perfect apron for their team. Over the past few months we have took the time to develop this concept with further projects. Both this creative collaborative process and being able to deliver our own custom range of aprons has inspired a passion within our team that we want to continue to share.

With what initially began as a side project, we believe we have found an innovative use for a time-proven fabric and we now truly have an opportunity to revive an ageing industry.

OUr way

Enrich & Endure is more than just our company name, it's also the pledge our products fulfil. Our ethos is pretty simple- quality materials, longevity, local craftsmanship and top-class design. So no matter how often you wrap it around you, rub your hands down it or put in a hard days graft in it; it just gets better with age. 

We are proud to say that any product which dawns our Linnet bird logo is a truly enriching and enduring product. 

Our aprons are handmade right here in Northern Ireland, under our meticulously watchful eye through every stage from design concept to end product.  Our manufacturing team obsess over every little detail after all, there’s no cutting corners when it comes to quality.

Our aprons are designed and crafted to fill the space between you and what you’re making. To protect you and inspire you, to be your identity and your blank canvas.




One half of the founding sibling team and big brother to Sarah, when Lorcan isn't running Enrich & Endure, you can find him hanging off the nearest rock face, strapped to his skis or - in a rare moment of down time - sipping on a craft beer or coffee (depending on what kind of day it's been.)


A County Cavan lass, Lorna is our photography and videography art director, but her talents go far beyond the camera. She is a goddess in the kitchen and a fountain of knowledge on all things food. Look out for her delicious recipes, we live by them.


Lorcan's little sister and co-founder of Enrich and Endure, Sarah's creative eye guides the impeccable taste of our products. Into yoga and all things healthy and green, when she's not at her desk or on her mat, she'll no doubt be whipping up a killer salad in the kitchen.


Also known as Fox, Adam is a sharp looking fella with a perfectionist's eye for detail and a great love of design. Currently living in London, Adam brings his architecture background to our custom designs for a creative injection of structural detail. 



Simon is our eyes behind the lens, who - along with Lorna - is responsible for our beautiful photography and videography. You'll catch him whizzing around Belfast on his bike - his magnificent beard blowing in the wind - always ready for that next amazing shot.